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1920s Jazz Baby Flapper Charles Sheldon Fashion Photograph Tennis Togs & Racket
$4.95 - 1 bid
Vintage 1920s Charles Sheldon Hollywood Star Anna Sten Photograph Art Deco Style
$22.5 - 5 bids
1920s Art Deco Profile Charles Sheldon Moody Model Photograph Bare Shoulders
$11.0 - 3 bids
1920s Charles Sheldon Women's Fashion Photograph Sexy Silk Stockings & Lingerie  <br/> Jazz Baby in Rapture from the Artist's Estate Enticing
$41.99 - 7 bids
Vintage 1920s Jazz-Age Women's Fashion Photograph Charles Sheldon Newsboy Cap
$12.5 - 3 bids
JULIA ARTHUR By Napoleon Sarony Vintage Photograph A++ RP Cabinet Card
CHIEF JOSEPH Moses of the Mesa Nez Perce 1879 Vintage Photograph Cab Card RP CDV