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CDV Photo of Longfellow's Children
Antique CDV Photo🔶1800s Sitting Young Woman Jackson, MI Slightly Faded
ANTIQUE CDV Photo🔸1800s Cooing Baby Portrait Galesburg, IL. 🔶MINT🔶Clear
Photo of S. F. DuPont, Vintage
Eli Bowen Carte De Visite ~Circa 1860's~ Rare CDV Human Oddity & Circus Acrobat
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ANTIQUE CDV Photo🔸19th Century”Glamour”Shot Young Woman Bloomington, IL. MINT
ANTIQUE CDV Photo🔸1800s Middle Age Man W/Mustache Galesburg, IL. 🔶MINT🔶Clear
James William Wallack Carte De Visite ~ Circa 1850's ~ Rare CDV Actor/Manager
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ANTIQUE CDV Photo🔸1800s Young Dandy Photo Galesburg, IL. 🔶MINT🔶Clear
ANTIQUE CDV Photo🔸1800s Matronly Woman  Galesburg, IL. 🔶MINT CONDITION🔶
Eli Bowen Carte De Visite ~ Circa 1867 ~ Rare CDV Human Oddity & Circus Acrobat
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Henry Ward Beecher, Copy of a File Photo.
Vintage Lot of 3 framed pictures confederate uniforms, arms of the revolution &
ANTIQUE CDV Photo🔸19th Century Bearded Man Galesburg, IL. 🔶MINT🔶Clear
boves swamp near amiens reprint
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Antique Photo Cards Collector Guide incl Daguerreotype CDV Tobacco Stereographs
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1890s Karl Vogt Russia photo Vezenberg & Co