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Children Antique Photo 1800s Family Fashion Boys Girls Dress
Family Antique Photo 1800s Generations Baby Fashion Bonnett Collar
Family Generations Antique Photo 1800s Baby Grandpa Bonnet Dress Collar
Antique Sepia Tone Beautiful Baby Cabinet Photo Photograph in Gold Gilded Frame
Grandmother Antique Photo 1800s Old Woman Fur Bonnet Chair
Old Gentleman Antique Photo 1800s Cane Nice Hair Collar
Scholar Antique Photo 1800s Serious Man Collar Books
Grandmother Antique Photo 1800s Nice Hair Glasses Fashion
Edison H. Gile from Delhi, NY,  Photo Archive, 1930's and 1940's
Lady Antique Photo 1800s Old Grandmother Nice Hair Button Collar Dress
Italy Antique Photo Early 1900s Italian Alps Mountain Church Bellflower Village
Antique Home Photo, Mom's Mother & Uncle Herman Noyhouse on the Oyster
Antique Photo 1929 - 1930 Wheeler School Football Team~Old Uniforms
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Nims & Knight Troy NY A Collection Of 12 Photo Gravures
Vintage Henry Ehm_ Photogravure Spirit Portrait_Signed Original
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Pictorial Historic Boston By Charles Pollock 1891 16 Photogravures Very Rare
Photo Democratic Nominee For Coroner Warren Co., NY, George R Thompson, 1919