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Vintage Wilkes Barre Photo Gravures Album Coal Miners
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JAPAN - “Family Portrait” Photo / Circa .1926
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Photo Democratic Nominee For Coroner Warren Co., NY, George R Thompson, 1919
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Italy Antique Photo Early 1900s Italian Alps Mountain Church Bellflower Village
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Scholar Antique Photo 1800s Serious Man Collar Books
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Vintage Henry Ehm_ Photogravure Spirit Portrait_Signed Original
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Old Gentleman Antique Photo 1800s Cane Nice Hair Collar
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Antique Edwardian Age Embossed Remembrance Photo Print of Young Woman circa 1910
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Children Antique Photo 1800s Family Fashion Boys Girls Dress
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Grandmother Antique Photo 1800s Old Woman Fur Bonnet Chair
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Antique Home Photo, Mom's Mother & Uncle Herman Noyhouse on the Oyster
Family Antique Photo 1800s Generations Baby Fashion Bonnett Collar
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Grandmother Antique Photo 1800s Nice Hair Glasses Fashion
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Edison H. Gile from Delhi, NY,  Photo Archive, 1930's and 1940's
Lady Antique Photo 1800s Old Grandmother Nice Hair Button Collar Dress
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1929 Great Photo Of Children And A Goat
Antique photo of girl in dress 3.5" x 7" 1880's era
Photograph Little Boy Wearing white shirt Rembrandt Studio Ohio
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Antique Photo 1929 - 1930 Wheeler School Football Team~Old Uniforms
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Alexandre LEROUX - Arab School, Algeria, vintage, photo engraving - c.1890
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Antique Sepia Tone Beautiful Baby Cabinet Photo Photograph in Gold Gilded Frame
Vintage Early 1900s Team Photo Women rare black and white historic 15x10 framed
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